1. Michael Lamarra’s Surface Tension (2013), a short film on which I served as co-editor, will be having its New York premiere as part of the NewFilmmakers New York Spring 2014 series.  The film will be screening in the shorts category on May 27th, 2014 at the Anthology Film Archives in New York.  For more information and tickets, please visit NewFilmmakers online.


  2. Check out the official trailer for Amos Efrat’s Down Time (2013), on which I served as Executive Producer and Editor.

    (via Magnificent Waste)


  3. Check out my new Narrative Editing Reel, featuring selections from films I’ve edited from 2011 up to now. If you’d like to solicit my services for an upcoming project, please drop me a line.


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    The screenplay for my next short film, Auto-Erotic, has been published by The Olivetree Review as their Drama Prize Winner for the Spring, 2013 Issue.

    Auto-Erotic blends cinematic elements with theatricality while still being sassy and provocative.  The writing is astute, the clever role reversals keep the pages turning, and the intrepid subject matter is entirely re-readable.  The darkly vintage aesthetics entwined with the table-turning climax leave the imagination lingering in the gutter.

    Established in 1983, The Olivetree Review is Hunter College’s student-run undergraduate art and literary journal.  The OTR is published every semester, and features art and writing primarily from Hunter undergraduate students.  The magazine is distributed for free among the Hunter community.

    Hard copies of Issue #53 are now being distributed freely across Hunter’s Lexington Avenue campus. The issue is also available to read online (via Issuu).  Auto-Erotic will be produced in 2014, and will be distributed via Magnificent Waste®.


  5. Love 77 (2013), a film by Htat Lin Htut on which I served as Assistant Director and Co-Editor.

    (via Magnificent Waste)


  6. Set photos from The Plan (2013)


  7. Set photos from Down Time (2013)


  8. Set photos from Love 77 (2012)


  9. Back in Jan/Feb of this year, some friends and I produced a short called Dirty Laundry. The still above was taken during principle photography; pictured are actors Megan Rucidlo and Michael Demyan, who were to play the leads of the film. Unfortunately, due to forces outside of my control the film we shot cannot be finished and thus has not (and likely never will) be released to the public. An unfortunate reality when shooting micro-budget. I still intend to produce this script someday…

    Photo Credit: Htat Lin Htut